Monday, August 13, 2007

Girlfriends are forever

An important lesson to teach girls is that guys come and go, but girlfriends are forever.

You know what I mean. You've all seen a girl or a woman who every new guy she dates, everything else drops out of her life, all of her old friends become nuisances, her children become gnats and she goes into orbit around the newest boyfriend (or sadly, the newest in a string of husbands who don't last).

The same girl will act stupid to attract a guy, will become stupid from acting "as if" and really serves only as an object lesson of how not to be. After each crash and burn her friends are less and less close, less likely to give support.

But a good friend? They can be forever. Teach a daughter that girlfriends are forever and she will have friends that last. She will have more confidence in herself, and she will get the message that there are lots of things more important than guys. After all, guys come and go, but skills, education, knowledge, all of those are forever.

I've got a number of posts I've actually written out (I was away from the computer -- life happens). I need to type them up and blog, but I thought I'd share this thought for now. I love my daughters, and in teaching them this lesson, I want them to live full and joyous lives, and to realize that they are forever.

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Barb said...

Great advice! I am glad that I am the independent type and do not "have" to have a boyfriend to be happy. I think that some women who go through one bad relationship to another may lack insight into themselves and thereby may seek a man to define them. Also, some may feel like they can change somebody or feel like the need to be needed. Girls can have girlfriends that can be negative in their lives too. And you can have guys that are just friends and are there for you when you are up and down. I think you can have such friends of the opposite sex and have a few myself. Whether it is of the same gender or opposite gender, I think that we need friends that help us build each other up. :)