Friday, August 31, 2007

Back on line, so little I have to say today

On the one hand, it is nice to have my computer back and be able to post again, but it is August 31 and all I can think of is Robin.

Missing her leaves me beyond words today.


annegb said...

You know, Stephen, this year I didn't think FIRST of James on his birthday. I'd planned something with my granddaughter. I was thinking about the date and for a split second, I wondered "what happened on July 9?"

When I remembered, I actually felt really good that that day meant something more than a reminder about James.

An aside: I'm considering giving up blogging altogether, no big good-bye, but I seem to have so little free time these days.

God bless :)

Barb said...

Stephen, I hope that you can find comfort at this difficult time. I have a friend at work who said she was crying about someone that she knew who desired to be able to have time with her baby that was going to die. The lady I worked with is a mother and she was so touched knowing what this woman must be going through. I also have heard of how parents want to at least have a chance to hold their baby for a time and give the baby love in that time. Robin was not in this world very long. She was very loved in those days and remains very loved. I can't even begin to say that I have experienced anything like the grief that you have experienced. It really causes me to contemplate to know that parents love their babies so much and sacrifice so much for them.

Anonymous said...

Karen here. I haven't been in your blog for a while, so I was going to bring my manic self in here and jump up and down in a comment, waving furiously. Instead, I think I'll just sit quietly on a bench next to you and give you a soft hug.