Monday, August 29, 2011


Several things. 

First, I've moved my comments on writing off of this blog and over to my occasional "off-topic" blog at

Second, a new set of affirmations.
  • I can love those whom God loves.
  • God loves me and I can love myself.
  • God's healing can not harm me.
  • I can accept God's Work and Glory.
  • I can accept God's love.
Third, I'm going to start work on a law review article about criminal law and social structure.  I have a co-writer, but I need to get most of it roughed out (which I've somewhat done, need to get it into a modern computer file, and clean it up and they have a semester of school to finish before they'll have time).  Been a long time since I actually discussed much of the heart of this article (which was in a different form) with Piers Anthony, back in the day when we corresponded.  It is time to get that done.  Ethics and ADR can get revisited later.

I've been thinking a lot, just not writing much.  Reading a lot though.  And remembering how much I love so many people.

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