Monday, May 14, 2007

Mother's Day

Ok, delayed five hours past when we expected to be leaving the airport, so did I have dinner with my Mom anyway?

Sigh, did get to visit her in the hospital twice on Mother's Day. She'll be alright. They operate on Tuesday.

Other than that, it has been a delightful vacation. Honestly, other than the peso pizza, I like American Pizza better ;) -- though Italy seems to have gone from pan bread with some garnish on it (Pizza in Italy in the 1970s) to thin crust pizzas (pizza from Cinque Terre to Florence to Venice, with one exception) and pizza wraps (a wrap, but made of pizza). No pepperoni to be seen anywhere, usually the only meat topping was anchovies or ham.

I'll get more time, I'll blog on the stair climbing on Cinque Terre (which we really enjoyed), the street vendors of Florence (which we avoided) and how Venice was cheaper than Florence (cokes, gelatos, everything but silk ties were markedly less in Venice).

Right now I need to get ready to go into work and face almost two weeks of mail. But, I was caught up when I left ...

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