Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Cinque Terre

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Well, tomorrow we are off, Win and I. Nephews, parents, children, they'll all be here, we will be there.

More blogging when we return.


Barb said...

Bon voyage!

amita said...

Hi, My name is Amita and I am an HR consultant with a certification in Negotiation from Harvard and thinking of embarking into Mediation. I live and work in India and am wondering about the scope of work there. I understand you did a course India in Feb. Are you aware of the requriements for mediators in India and where and how I could start? Thanks

annegb said...

I am incredibly shocked that you didn't invite me. Italy, oh my dream place. The food, the food. Bring me back some pizza.

I didn't know that you meditated in India.