Friday, March 10, 2006

The most flattering thing anyone ever said to me was a female attorney in our stake who remarked that she wished she had been one of our kids, which led several other adults to chime in that they felt the same way. Felt like a vote from my peers. My kids love me, but that is the nature of kids. I always loved my parents, never realized just how good they were until much later in life.

Now I'm grateful for them in a much deeper way, as well as loving them intensely.

Not much else to blog right now. Saw Jeff Green today, Win and I had lunch with him, always makes us happy to get good news about he and his family and to see them.

Other than that, I did a guest post at Naiahdot. I've been waiting on Pistas3 (the founder of FAIR) to write a guest post for me, not getting around to doing my next guest post for Millennialstar (I've done a couple in the past and had one I started a few months ago, and never got done) and this one crept up on me when Naiah asked me to write it. The introduction is better than I deserve, but I was glad to write the post.

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Sarebear said...

Well, my post today was about Toe Cleavage, so one can be REALLY devoid of worthy blog subjects.


Sounds like a wonderful compliment and feeling.

I sure wish I had had different parents and family than I did. I can say that knowing that my mother most likely does not travel to most of the blogs I have links for, and so won't be hurting her feelings.

But then, I was hit. And neglected, in a rather . . . well, I was the only one taking care of myself, for most things, growing up.

So I guess I'm always longing for someone to be that more caring parent-type, which I know isn't really what I need, but seeking good friends would translate better to an appropriate fulfilling thing, for me. And I'm glad I'm finding them, through blogging.

Thanks for being one. I mean that in an appropriate way, if you know what I mean.