Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Top Five on Tiny Houses

1 publisher Alex Pino and Small House Society President Greg Johnson share their insights. You'll really want to note the cities that are beginning to allow tiny houses to be legal dwellings
Kent Griswold, publisher of explores an intriguing option for those looking to find a spot for their tiny house.
Tumbleweed Founder Jay Shafer opines the "mandatory consumption laws" in regards to oversized houses that are largely responsible for our current housing crisis. It's a 3 part series you won't want to miss.
Laura LaVoie is currently building her tiny house and has shared some very informative information about the building blogging process.
Our fans are some super creative folks! Check out our latest Pinterest contest and get some ideas to personalize your own tiny house.
I really think there is something to sustainable and economic living that is worth thinking about. 

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Marta said...

i love these. we just bought a new larger house. i wanted smaller. he wanted even larger. guess we compromised.