Sunday, September 09, 2012

Miscellaneous updates

Blogroll Updates

I've been going through my bloggernacle blogroll, deleting everyone that no longer links back to my site or that is completely dead.  If I've deleted you and you think it is a mistake, contact me.

A few blogs I link to are now closed, to me as well. I'll delete them next if I do not work through the permissions thing.

Blogging Updates

I am going to step back a little from blogging.


Ah, I still miss you.  Most of what I had to say I said on Facebook.

Prior Posts

The one on mediation today, managed to change its update.  I'm not sure what is up with the code I used.  However, the correct link is LawComix: If Jack in the Box franchised Mediation Centers: Scribble-in-Law Archive

This is the link that I had before, have not the slightest idea why it updated to the currently displayed one.

I'm deleting the post that was there before.


My oldest daughter's wedding, getting through the anniversary of Robin's death, Rachel starting at a school with help for her specific disabilities, and getting a dog (hey, first time I have had a dog for me, sot to speak), that has all occurred in real time, on Facebook. 


I realize they say it never ends, but the reality is, it never ends, only grows more etched by time.

I am still working out what that really means.

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