Monday, July 02, 2012

Misc. Comments about FARMS, etc., from around the Bloggernacle

My response was eaten by the spam filter, eventually released (thanks guys!). 
All I said was that I generally agree with the author of the essay, but because such appeals tend to get lost in the background noise.  Otherwise, I was lost by the comment that is beyond the pale and "King Put" references.  I feel as if I'm in a different world.

Guest Post: Why I Find Developments at the Maxwell Institute Concerning

The comments are as interesting as the essay, though not, in all cases, as thoughtful or respectful.

The Odd Couple: Story and Community

"a fatal error or a brilliant accident is yet to be seen"

Roslyn Welch is an interesting writer.   Many of the comments seem to miss the point.  The level of hostility is interesting.

What the heck is going on with the Maxwell Institute?
A series of essays addressing the Maxwell Institute/FARMS.  The author sides with those who fired Peterson, but provides a lot of information.

An Acceptable Prejudice?

On anti-LDS/Mormon prejudice in academic circles and how well accepted it is.  I think it is important for understanding FARMS reception outside of LDS circles.


Finally, revisiting Nibley, in context and out of context. Part of the problem with the essay is how hostile it is to many people's citations to Nibley.  That rubs off, I think without meaning to, on all sorts of things as the comments show.
Still: "Nibley himself pointed to the constant need for reappraisal of academic work" -- including his own.  The "post was about the (ab)use of Nibley, not Nibley himself or his work."  I think most of the fire the post draws comes from the title of the post.
That is my round-up for the week.  I mention Nibley because FARMS, in part, started with copies of essays of Nibley's that had gone out of print, including the unmatched Bird Island essay.


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