Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Dealing with tangible miracles

A while back I spoke with someone who had been through some terrible things. They had significant post traumatic stress, including forceful nightmares. But, if they read their scriptures in the evening until they felt the Spirit, they did not have nightmares that night.

There was a direct, tangible, cause and effect. They said it was disquieting in some ways, that in a way, having a vague "do the right thing, it will be good for you" was easier than "do this and this will happen." But they had prayed for help, and this is where they had been guided.

Gave me thought.

I've continued to read twelve step materials, though for the most part they do not have much to do with grief recovery, they offer insights into God and life. Right now I'm reading the Al Anon Paths to Recovery. I don't have an alcoholic in my life (at least that I know about), but I find valuable comments.

Part of twelve step programs is taking an inventory, and they all offer advice and comments on things to look for and evaluate in your life. Al Anon asks the question:

Do I have a God of love or a God of fear in my life?

An interesting question to consider, as treating God as a God of fear is something they see as a barrier to recovery and spiritual healing.

How do I think of God? I need to ask myself that again.


Matthew said...

On a related note, I often find that believing in God, believing Him, and trusting Him are all different.

Some days I am afraid not of God, but of what He might ask me to do, and what He might ask me to sacrifice.

Stephen said...

Well said Matthew. I share the same feelings sometimes.

Anonymous said...
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