Sunday, January 11, 2009

Introducing Myself

I was over at Zelophehad’s Daughters and they were celebrating being on-line for a while and both introduced themselves and suggested that their readers introduce themselves.

I actually have an introduction from my website, that I put up.

I'm copying it, because it is probably more than enough.

Not all that long ago, a group reviewed this site, ranked it in the top one hundred small firm legal sites and had a strong criticism because the site is not strongly tied to my identity. Often I receive feedback, comments or questions from people reared in the "context is everything" school who feel you can not separate the person from the writing.

So, like all things that end up on my screen too often, this goes into the FAQ. If you feel a need to know more about me, I have a personal philosophy section of this web site (not connected to the dispute resolution section) and a section based on my personal experiences that receives about ten thousand hits a month from people completely uninterested in dispute resolution. I am also a working professional and I teach a little dispute resolution. Links to those of my website are here:

  • Stephen R. Marsh, Attorney at Law:
  • Ethesis:
  • Class materials from the my educational endeavors:
  • Surviving Grief, Loss and Death:
That is more than enough about me.

I'm not big on the "context is everything" school, but it does have a place some times. That's my introduction.

On another topic, I love my daughter's current girl scout troop. The last one had gone a little "Plano" or "mean girls." Seemed silly to me, the people who were the most fixated on money and status probably had household incomes a third to a fourth the size of ours. But they took our efforts to be concerned about costs (which came, somewhat, from helping some of the poorer kids in the group and being aware of the problems money causes) as proof we really were not the right kind of people.

Ok, I'm certain we were not the right kind of people to associate with them. We switched groups.

The current group is wonderful.

Which, I guess, does validate context. If my exposure had just been what the last group had morphed into, I would think of Girl Scouts as the worst of all possible environments. Instead, from what went before and what has gone after, I am more than pleased to support Rachel in it.

Ah, it has been a busy week. Forgive me for not blogging more.

Thinking of context, introductions, etc. I just realized that perhaps I should take a lesson from what a friend of mine and I have been trying to get another friend to do. He is a harpist and vocalist, who plays the harp for weddings, funerals and special occasions, as well as teaches.

We've been trying to get him to introduce himself that way. Every time he does, people are delighted to know that about him.
Heck, I'm going to post a link here for him.

Dallas Texas Harpist who teaches harp and performs at weddings funerals and special occasions.

Maybe I'll learn something from this all about introducing myself.