Sunday, November 30, 2008

Blog Rankings

I'm surprised by them. Alexia has me much higher than I would have expected:

LDS Solo blog rankings as of 29 Nov 08

Blog or Website Name Alexa Rank
1 Believe All Things 273809
2 Connor's Conundrums 602034
3 - LDS Temple Study Blog 690203
4 Mormanity - A Mormon Blog 709108
5 Ongofu - an LDS (Mormon) blog 941145
6 A Soft Answer 1000784
8 Thoughtskoto 1137941
9 Mormon Inquiry (old site) 1195791
10 Messenger and Advocate 1476247
11 Beetle Blogger 1643417
12 Sixteen Small Stones 1663633
13 Dandelion Mama 1836386
14 Voice Of Deseret 1983159
15 Latter-Day Commentary 2012519
16 Mormon Metaphysics 2046854
17 Day of Praise 2126100
18 What Mormons Like 2271610
19 Reach Upward 2300200
20 LDS Anarchy 2366179
21 LDS CIO 2462835
22 Mormon Insights 2629240
23 Stephen M (Ethesis) 2,863,409

The same is true for the group blog I'm involved with:

LDS Group blog rankings as of 29 Nov 08

Blog or Website Name Alexa Rank
1 By Common Consent 321798
2 Times & Seasons 406767
3 Feminist Mormon Housewives 453287
4 Mormon Matters 498,611

Something that surprised me is the fact that many blogs I read often were not higher in the ratings.

Well, I'll have a "real" post coming up soon. Just some surprises, at least to me.

Thanks to for doing all the work.


Anonymous said...

This is quite fascinating. Who would have thought my little blog would be ranked so high? I've never even met this Alexis person. :)

Congrats. Keep up the good work.

BHodges said...

You kicked my tail (#52). Good work!

sojourner said...

i'm not sure what Alexa's ratings mean but I enjoy reading your posts - hope you found hidden blessings in your Thanksgiving!

J. Stapley said...

Alexa tabulates gathers its data by people that have installed the Alexa tracker in their browser. Consequently, smaller websites, whose traffic base doesn't frequently include folks with the tracker, can have their ranking significantly swung if one ore two regular users have it installed.

Stephen said...

J. Stapley, thanks, that makes a lot of sense. My daily hit logs from sitemeter don't seem to justify the placement I have and your comment explains why.

Further The Kingdom said...

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BHodges said...

You just got proselyted!

Kingdom: I am unsure how your declarations and interpretations relate to the subject of popularity of various solo blogs.

Kenji said...

Thanks for this post Stephen.

sojourner said...

that felt like a drive by shooting from further the kingdom - it gave me a pain in my heart ;0(

BHodges said...

Questions? visit

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post, I had no idea I was on the list even. Cool.

Seth said...

This is a great blog. Keep up the good work! I'll be checking back and forth for updates! God bless!