Saturday, July 21, 2007

Harry Potter and the no spoiler comments

Well, we did the wait in line routine at the local Barnes & Noble (which meant pre-register, pick up tickets with a good place in line, show up, go to the events at the mall, confirm that we could actually buy the book without waiting at the local grocery store and then go back to the line so the kids could have the experience, which they relished). Bought two copies.

The books are consistent with what went before, though the outcome is not required by what went before. I'd have rather seen some people who died not have been killed, but on the whole it was well done and satisfying.

I'll skip the spoilers.


Anonymous said...

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NoSurfGirl said...

I loved, loved, loved book seven. I was worried that JK woudln't deliver-- that she'd gotten herself in too deep to not dissappoint everyone, they were anticipating it so much, but of course I shouldn't have worried.

I really really hope she writes more after this. What an amazing author.