Sunday, June 24, 2007

Rachel 4, Harry Potter ...

My seven year old has decided that she is going to read all of the Harry Potter novels. So far, she is about through the fourth book.

Will she read it in time for the last novel? Probably. I'm impressed at her diligence (and the joy she takes in reading them as well).

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Naismith said...

I would never encourage a child that young to read those books. And I wouldn't take pride in it if they did.

I've read them all, they're great, but they're dark. I wouldn't want a child under age 10 reading book 3 onward.

They grow up fast enough.....

Stephen said...

Interesting thought. She is currently finishing book 4 and I've debated whether or not she should go on, as you are right, the books do get darker (though not as dark as the Beatrice Potter books -- have you really read Peter Rabbit or Squirrel Nutkin?).

On the other hand, she has grown up knowing that she has three dead sisters. I'll think about it, but it is a project she decided on on her own. They have libraries at school. I guess I can go to summer school and have them ban her from accessing books like that.

I'll give it some thought.

annegb said...

I would, Stephen and I would take pride, also. If she wants to read them, if she is able to read the words, I say go for it. They're not that dark.

I let my kids pretty much read anything they wanted. I have a close friend whose son had read all the Harry Potters by the time he was 8 (all that were printed then, anyway) and he is a wonderful well-adjusted kid.

Skipped a grade because he was totally bored in third grade, but still.

She's ready if she's reading them.

Lisa M. said...

I have never seen my children young and old take to a book series like Harry Potter- It has been such a unique experience.

It is an exciting thrill to see the battles of good and evil, that reside everywhere around us, young and old.

I'll agree, and Commend young Rachel.

annegb said...

naismith, I'm doing a little project on commenters. Would you e-mail me?

All nice, nothing wrong, just working on something.

Tigersue said...

I get so excited when kids want to read books. When kids want to read something can you really stop them. It is better to let them read and discuss it as they do.